Airline Marketing Diploma

 In the Airline Marketing short course, students will learn how to develop marketing strategies, create value for and communicate value to customers. Students will also learn about the current airline business environment and its impact on airline marketing.

Especially intended for : - O/L and A/L school leavers, Travel Agents, Airline Staff, Customer Services, Marketing and Management personnel, Cruise Ship Staff, Frequent Travellers, Security Personnel, Bank Staff, Airport & Aviation Staff, Part Time job seekers, Hotel Staff, Embassy Staff, Tour Operators, Cabin Crew, Those who wish to gain knowledge...

Only a limited number of students will be enrolled for these courses and will be conducted at Our Academy.

The course will be completed within a period of three (03) months.

Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, All Nippon Airways, Air Mauritius, Indian Airlines, Olympic Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Air New Zealand, South African Airlines, Jet Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines and Air Canada will offer on-the-job training for students of the Academy.